Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Number 1

Last night one of our guides commented on how often we both focus on our kids to connect to our emotions rather than being connected to God. 

How our priorities and order is the kids first rather than God, self,  partner, kids.  That as soon as we have God first the kids are looked after and feel our love so much more (all my words rather than exact guides words).

After the talk it was very clear that God is our first priority. The question I had for myself was "had God ever been my first priority"? The answer is a very quick No.

So if God was my number 1 priority.......

How would I start?

How would it feel?

What would I be doing with my life?

Dear God

I desire to open up to the truths about you, please guide me in opening up to feeling your truth

I desire to feel you as the Grand Master and Creator of the Universe, please show me how I need to  open up to feeling you

I desire to have a constant and loving relationship with you, please show me my blocks to loving you

I would really like to communicate with you and understand the Laws of the Universe, please show me how to open up to your voice and what is currently preventing me from hearing

finally I would really love to feel and live in divine love and truth. 

God Thank You for creating this Universe and the Human Soul

P.S Thank you Jeshua for having "God's Way Of Love Principles" available on the God's Way Of Love website which is where my prayer has been inspired from.

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  1. So true Pete, Thanks for this it really helps.
    I have been asking God 'how do I put you first?'
    Awesome... Thanks for the post :)