Saturday, 2 June 2012

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Start of a Journey...

'Thought Drop'* 


Dear God,
I pray for the courage to take these actions and allow your protection.
Love Eloisa

My Dream....
'Beginning my journey on the Narrow Way'

*Inspired by Jesus' talk: 20100327 Coping with Spirit Influence P1 & P2. THANK YOU!!

Who Am I?

I have been asking this question a lot lately. Who Am I? Who am I in God's eyes? How does God see me? How does God treat me? Why do I not do the same - or at least aspire to do as God does?

The Facades I juggle.
Which mask do I wear? When?
Why do I choose to do this?

Why am I so confused about me?
Who I am?
How do I tell when I am conditioned
to feel how others feel rather
than my own feelings. What are my own thoughts?

Reflections on Love III

I am a creation of Love! Born to love, give and receive love!!!

Reflections on Love II

 Images that came as I self reflected on Love after reading Mary's blogs on Love:

I lock my love up in a 'cage' and allow
none in or out so often.

Why do I cage (my) love?... Prevent it?... Deny it?

God made me to love, made me from love so
why am I so resistant to love, loving and being loved?

Made to Love!! Made of Love!!
Made From Love!!
There IS Love within me!!

This one had a number of ideas all at once behind it...

The Love Yoyo. How I yoyo with giving
and receiving love both.

Dressed up in love.

'love' on a pedestal.