Sunday, 29 April 2012

Just Another Emotion

This was an image 'download'* I had when I heard friends of mine, Mary and AJ** talking about how fear holds us in a state of 'suspension' (amongst other things).

I have been reminding myself (still intellectually) that fear and terror are JUST emotions. 
I have been reminding myself that I am capable of feeling them and that in fact God has made me perfectly equipped to feel EVERY emotion that I have created within myself or that has been put within me.

This is me, suspended in terror, in a box of fear
Reminder of the Truth: fear and terror are JUST emotions

Dear God 

Please can I have the courage to look at and release the false beliefs I hold around fear and terror.
Please can I grow in courage to find out my addictions and to choose to not live in them any more!
(I don't feel very confident about this God. I feel like I want to hold on to lots of things. Please help me to grow the courage to let go and submit to YOU God!)


*I get what I call image 'downloads' they are gifts from spirits I feel to illustrate to me various thoughts, ideas, concepts. I get the whole image without having to 'think' about it. I sort of 'feel' it. Sorry this is not an eloquent explanation. It is difficult to explain feelings. So I leave it lacking and maybe at some point I will be eloquent about it, smile.

** check out the Divine Truth Channel on YouTube: 20110510 Desire, Imagination, Fear & Truth Q&A Mill Park P1.

Friday, 27 April 2012

20120427 Environment Day

Today we went 'Fossicking' and here is some of the 'Gold' we found.
So much wonder even in 'damaged' areas. 
We were in search for Bursaria Spinosa (Black Thorne), Tea tree and Lamandra, and anything else we may find. And we found all sorts of 'Treasure'!

Thank you to everyone who came today and we hope you enjoyed youselves as much as we did!
Thanks for the adventure and being a great guide today Darren.

A birds nest in the Bursaria Spinsoa,
They like these trees as we saw quite a few.

Some of the Fossickers

Bursaria Spinsoa seed
Bursaria Spinsoa seed

Inside a birds nest
A treasure discovered by Charlie


A discovery

A Treasure

Catherine thank you for finding treasures and 
helping little legs get over intrepid abysses

Our Guide

Tee Tree seed

Wild Wasps nest - Treasure

Treasure- red and irridecant green/blue beetle

Adventurous Fossickers

Wallaby Tunnel 
Camera man Matt - Thank you for recording a super fun morning!

Freshwater shell


Rock Wallaby




On Route Home

Camera Man


Lady Bird Nursery

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Story: Love Overcomes Evil

My Story: Love Overcomes Evil: Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. What an awesome sentence. Somewhere inside of me a light comes on and an in-built rad...

Reflections on Love

I want to say reflecting about Love has been easy for me*.
That I feel Love and am open to Love.
But on reflection I am not.
I am tentative about Love.
I am cynical and sceptical.
I bow to fear and anger more readily then I stand for Love.

Yet I cling to love. Or the idea of Love, the hope of Love.

I cling to the times when Love has been demonstrated to me. To the encounters I have had that have caused me to feel the Truth and how much easier it was to feel while being loved than through the experience of anger or fear. This was REAL Love!

I remind myself:
Love is powerful
Love is real
Love heals
Love is stronger than fear and I am open to feel when love is present.

If only it was always that way 
If only Love ruled each moment permanently in my life. (It can so why don't I let it?)

The Truth is Love does rule!

But I am busy focusing on my fear and rage and that makes it hard for Love to flourish in my life.
I trot over Love, I dismiss the times Love has 'crumbled my stone heart to sand**.'
I am so busy looking through my telescope focused on negativity, evil, bad, pain, that Love might be right next to me and I miss it or don't recognise it as it Love, or often don't even want to see it.
I want to protect the pain and hurt, anger and fear.

So busy focusing on other things than Love.

It was recently reflected to me is how often I get on my 'high horse' about Love. How I 'decide' what is and what is not love (read 'love' as meet my addictions and make me feel good equals love). Often I am riding over real Love in pursuit of addictive love. I also judge and condemn in the name of love.

On My High Horse about Love
Really I need to take a pause and feel about what Love is. What it really means, what it actually feels like, not what I have been told it means or feels like!

I often doubt the 'ultimate power of Love over evil' and often 'believe in Fear over Love'***.

What if I didn't doubt Love?
What would my life be like if I stood for Love above all else?
What actions would I take and how would it feel to live with Love Ruling in MY life?

*I have been reading Mary's blog and her feelings and reflections about Love .

** Thank you Mary for this beautiful image.

*** Thank you again Mary for asking the questions:

 'what do I believe in? Love or fear?'

'Do you ever doubt the ultimate power of love over evil?'

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Beautiful Day

We spent a day in a garden made for collecting seed. With people who love seeds, plants and growing things. Learning about plants, seeds, collecting them, drying them, planting, transplanting them and growing them (well God does the growing, we enjoy them! smile). Thank you to Darren, Jazz, Darren's Mum and Nevyl for having us at the Little Lady Bird Nursery for Environment Day! Thank you to those of you who gave your time and efforts. We feel blessed to have been in the company of people acting on their passions and desires! 

 our hosts

 3 little strawberry explorers

 ladybird larve
 caterpillar eggs

 fluffy pumpkins

 asparagus berries