Friday, 21 March 2014

We Are Migrating to Wordpress!

We have changed sites and finally got up and running at:

If you want to check it out please do.

From now on any new posts will be done on the above address. The blog is still called 'Dear God' and you can sign up to follow it if you so desire, just like this one by pressing the 'Follow' button on the left hand menu bar of the new blog.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and hearing some more of our findings and discoveries as we blog them.

Hope you enjoy the change, smile, we are.

Love Eloisa & Peter

Movie: 'The Other Sister'

Amanda posted this movie that shows a sMother in action.


I found the most moving and inspiring part of this movie in the main character Carla.
She loved her man with a whole open heart and she knew that she knew how to love. She wanted to love.

This is a beautiful movie.
Thanks for passing it on!