Friday, 27 April 2012

20120427 Environment Day

Today we went 'Fossicking' and here is some of the 'Gold' we found.
So much wonder even in 'damaged' areas. 
We were in search for Bursaria Spinosa (Black Thorne), Tea tree and Lamandra, and anything else we may find. And we found all sorts of 'Treasure'!

Thank you to everyone who came today and we hope you enjoyed youselves as much as we did!
Thanks for the adventure and being a great guide today Darren.

A birds nest in the Bursaria Spinsoa,
They like these trees as we saw quite a few.

Some of the Fossickers

Bursaria Spinsoa seed
Bursaria Spinsoa seed

Inside a birds nest
A treasure discovered by Charlie


A discovery

A Treasure

Catherine thank you for finding treasures and 
helping little legs get over intrepid abysses

Our Guide

Tee Tree seed

Wild Wasps nest - Treasure

Treasure- red and irridecant green/blue beetle

Adventurous Fossickers

Wallaby Tunnel 
Camera man Matt - Thank you for recording a super fun morning!

Freshwater shell


Rock Wallaby




On Route Home

Camera Man


Lady Bird Nursery

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  1. I particularly loved the rock wallaby :) Where was this? In particular the big rocks?