Thursday, 18 July 2013


This image was inspired by Caroline and the Scholar Spirits she channelled who had forgotten how to engage in play
It is for you (and me) and all those who need to re-discover playing, joy and fun, I hope you enjoy yourselves and find the playful childlike part of you again. (Thanks to my spirit friends for inspiration in images!)

I wish you a wonderful and playful day, have fun discovering who you truly are as God see's you, smile!


  1. Thank you Eloisa! This is beautiful and reminds me of how much I loved to swing when I was little.


    1. I am glad you enjoyed the picture Patricia. I am always a little surprised with how the images affect people and the memories they bring up, it is really cool!

      I checked out your blog, I enjoyed seeing a little of what you get up to. Lots of great projects and experiences happening at your place by the looks of it, smile.

      I was particularly interested in the tanning/leather making you were doing there in some of the pictures.
      Do you have any material/advice/instructions about 'How to'? I would like to try it out.

      Hope you get a chance to swing like when you were little, smile.