Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Radical Benefits of Staying Present

N.B.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a couple of extra things I thought were helpful or have noticed and have added them in this morning (Monday 15 April) - like reminding myself of God's Truth (even intellectually helps).

I have experienced for more than just a moment recently the benefits of staying 'present' or being in my body. This is a whole new experience and it is awesome, so (if you have a tendency to go out of body) I really want to encourage you to practice, pray and desire to stay present/in your body no matter what comes your way. Also to pray for and/or grow the desire for courage*. To practice courage to become courageous - this is my personal prayer at this time (especially when the fear come up which is still when I want to and do vacate).

The following are some of the things that happen when I am present, in my experience so far:

  • I want to know more about God and I actively go about finding that out for myself rather than wanting someone else to do it all for me
  • I actively go about a lot more things than when I am out of my body
  • I remind myself of God's Truth about the situation (even intellectually helps, or with what I know in my heart at this time), and see how it differs to my feelings and thoughts and what's happening in my life that is in error or painful
  • I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them
  • I enjoy the little souls in our care, they are SOOOOO fun
  • I enjoy my man
  • I like myself more 
  • I can identify places that need healing and refining within myself without as much judgement
  • I can distinguish my desire for self punishment more easily and not engage in it
  • God's universe is SOOOO amazing and I see things that I have never seen before
  • I am excited about possibilities and even feel that feeling my own pain could be possible (The Truth: God has made me perfectly to feel all my personal pain and I am totally capable of doing so.)
  • I am more able to relate to people without judgement and criticism as I am not trying so hard to avoid all the darkness within myself
  • I make/take time to reflect 
  • I am more likely to take a little more time and space than I usually do if a feeling does come up (I still like to avoid feeling and be 'busy' instead - but when I am present I notice in the moment and go 'okay, why do you want to be so busy about this Eloisa?')
  • Life is so much better
  • I am not so worried about what the whole world thinks of me ALL the time and am less conscious of myself for moments
  • I am just not so worried period.
  • I genuinely laughed the other day and think I experienced a moment of joy

When I am present I am more able to feel when I am afraid and when I am wanting to live IN the fear.

When I am present the whole world looks different.

It is so much better and all I have done is choose (not sure how to explain that as I have realised that my heart and head desires don't match up often and so when people talk about choosing, I often 'think' I have chosen one thing but it is proven that emotionally I have not done so. I will tell you more about this as I learn and understand it as at this time I can only say I have noticed that my head and heart do not match up).

The things I have done differently which I feel have helped me to stay Present:

  • Prayed more 
  • Reminded myself of God's Truth or how God feels on the matter (this is mostly intellectual for me at the moment but it really helps to remind myself)
  • Asked God, amongst other things, to show me what is blocking me giving love to God and receiving love from God
  • Asked God to help me grow sincere desires (for the things I want to know about or am avoiding)
  • I remind myself I am a Celestial in training and that I am in a process of refinement
  • Asked more sincerely to know about who I really am
  • Been more honest with myself 
  • what I see in others I am seeing in myself, instead of judging it look at WHY I want to be that way or take unloving actions
  • Have drunk heaps more water**
  • Actually breathed. breathed into my tummy(diaphragmatic breathing)
  • made time and space to self reflect on issues that are coming through the Law of Attraction
  • Listened or Read Divine Truth even just a snippet on the loo each day
  • Read more information on subjects including: faith, love, truth, courage, connecting to God, wholeheartedness, the Padgett messages and stories of people with these qualities or at least exploring these qualities 
  • Asked for guidance as to what Divine Truth's I would benefit from hearing or focused on listening to Jesus' Seminars on topics I am feeling challenged by or that are coming up in the Law of Attraction
  • journaled and honestly answered the following questions (not my own)***:

1. What events are currently happening in my life that demonstrate I am out of harmony with God’s Love and how have I attracted these events to my life?

2. What emotions within me are triggered by these events and are those emotions in harmony
with Truth and Love?

3. Do I feel any emotional or physical pain? If so, what reasons within my beliefs,emotions, desires or passions could there be for my experiencing this pain?

4. How do I portray myself to others, am I being emotionally truthful and open?

5. Am I still doing things that God or a Celestial angel would not do?

6. How do I really feel inside, and what tools am I using to deny my feelings?

7. Have all my actions been moral and ethical? If not, what is the emotional cause for my being immoral or unethical?

I realise that you may already have heard this information and if so this will merely be a reminder (which I always find helpful and hope you do too, smile).

I just thought that as it has made such a difference just to stay in my body I would like to share things that I feel have helped me out a little.

I would also like to note that I do not stay in my body all the time yet and I am noticing that I still disappear when I feel frightened, or feel that I could be potentially be afraid, when topics I want to avoid, am in denial about or feel uncomfortable about are discussed like sex or family, and under other circumstances. 

Things that happen when I choose to not be present and out of body and or living in fear:
  • Chunks of my hair get chopped off and I don't even notice
  • The children have heaps more accidents
  • I hurt myself more
  • I self punish 
  • I punish others
  • I can't remember conversations, events, experiences
  • I feel disconnected and alone
  • The house is a mess in two minutes
  • The kids get more demanding and needy
  • The kids start literally hanging off me, pulling me, whinging at me non stop
  • I get really angry about 'nothing'
  • I can no longer think, or feel
  • it gets dangerous for both me and the kids - physical harm, spirit influence, harmful actions from me towards the children
  • I loose the children in the supermarket and they scream to find me
  • I can't feel the beautiful man in my life
  • I get self absorbed and selfish
  • I no longer want to talk to Pete about anything
  • I want to be angry at Pete
  • The kids hurt and attack each other or me more
  • Animals attack us and chase us
  • The kids fall over out of the blue like someone has just knocked them down
  • Sometimes I go numb and if it is really bad I want to curl up avoid the world and go back to the 'soulbank'
  • And many many many more things could be added to this list
I suppose you could say that going out of body for me is intricately linked with my desire to avoid my fear and terror. 

I feel that staying in my body is so worth while. I feel that often I 'practice' doing so and reminding myself to do so but even that helps!

I encourage you to experiment and try it for yourself, or to grow a desire to do so! It is SO worth it!!

* Brene Brown on 'Ordinary Courage'
** Mary has a great post on staying connected to your Guides and Guardians and the things she mentions also help to stay present in your body
*** These questions come from Jesus' paper 'Facing Personal Truth'


  1. Thank you for this post. It is just what I needed. I love how you've broken things down into steps and made it easy to duplicate. I am going to print this out and experiment with these things in the next few weeks. I will get back to you on the results!

    Caroline Brock

    *ps-loved the "soulbank" comment! I laughed out loud on that one!*

  2. Hey Caroline

    I am so glad you felt to try the experiment. I really look forward to hearing how you go and anything that you can add and interesting finds. I feel I cannot encourage everyone enough to just stay present in their bodies AND self reflect on the reasons about WHY we don't want to stay in our bodies, what are the reasons we desire to 'leave'? (sorry about capitals, no italics to emphasise, smile).

    I have been so lovingly encouraged to stay present and when I have had the courage or desire to do so it has been so different and life has been much 'better' and more enjoyable. I feel if I did nothing else but just stay present in my body my life would be instantly better.

    I added in a couple of things that I woke up thinking about in the night like reminding myself of God's Truth on a matter (amongst others), this is SO helpful under any situation.

    Have fun learning about yourself and staying in your body! (sometimes it doesn't FEEL fun (to me anyway) but even the tough feeling bits stay more in perspective, in my experience. I also feel there is less negative spirit influence and/or negative self talk when I am in my body. I look forward to sharing notes, smile).

    With my encouragement and prayers of courage to you