Friday, 12 October 2012


We awoke to the softness and silence of big fluffy snow flakes falling outside this morning!
We have been 'waiting' for snow all year and finally in October it fell.
It was so beautiful and so much fun!
The kids made snow breakfast and snow collections.
There is something magic about snow!

Three days ago we were in the sunshine in tee-shirts, today we are rugged up in layers of wool. Contrasts and opposites, it is never predictable, smile.
ladybirds in the sunshine
Lady bird in the snow

Snow in October!
2 days before the snow

2 days before the snow
catching snow for breakfast

snow balls to throw at daddy
First taste of snow - first experience of snow ever

snow and cranberries for breakfast
-warming up in bed
strawberry flowers in the snow

plant sleeping bags


  1. wasn't it awesome?! we were very happy to see it, we love snow so much, so peaceful and still and beautiful. :)

  2. It was so beautiful, thanks for sharing these lovely pics.
    I think Linc was as excited as Archie, it was his First ever experience too! ;)