Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I Am NOT Alone!

I had an intellectual realisation this morning as I put the washing in the machine*. It is not written on my heart yet as my life hasn't changed**, but it did give me some hope.

Mostly in my life I feel alone and like I have to do everything by myself (VERY self reliant). I realised*** the Truth is that I am never alone, God is ALWAYS there, ALWAYS loving me and ready at any moment to be with me if I allow Her to be. So in my arrogance, self reliance and self absorption I fight my way along 'trying' when actually God is totally there wanting to help me and I am ignoring Him. (I do have to feel for myself, God can't do that for me, I am the only one who can release the error out of my soul, BUT I am not alone in doing it, I have a friend always by my side****). I feel I may have to 'realise' this more than once if it does not enter my heart. This morning I felt excited by it!

As always I have a choice here, to feel or to deny my feelings. I will see how courageous I am over the next while and how willing I am to emotionally experience my life rather than intellectually working it out, trying to control and avoid it.

Thank you God!

* I am SO GRATEFUL for the washing machine and appliances that give me time to do other things.

** I have to be more honest with myself. My Life has not changed drastically, and The Law of Attraction is still showing me that I have not released my causal emotions and until that changes I know that I still have those emotions within me, no matter how much I tell myself I am different and 'better' I am not and thank you God that you show me that - even when I don't want to see/feel/hear it! Thank you for making it instant and obvious!

*** Realisations are so fascinating I reckon. It is like I say or think I 'get it' often when things are talked about, or I hear about them, but until I actually FEEL it and experience for myself or even sort of intellectually realise it for MYSELF I actually don't 'get it' at all, I merely THINK I do. Something to look into here I feel, how much am I telling myself I understand when in fact I don't understand at all?

**** This made me realise that I haven't experienced or given the gift of true friendship very often in my life.

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  1. pink asterisk number three is a goody for me, thank you for that gem and all the other ones too!
    ... the other ones are important for me too... thank you, and thank God for the messages this morning! :)